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“He is a terrific addition to our national bankruptcy practice.” Martin Fletcher, the firm’s Managing Partner, added, “We have long been active in New York. Opening offices there is a natural development for our firm and bankruptcy practice in particular, and also our growing Mid-Atlantic footprint.” At Whiteford, Mr. Lewis joins a bankruptcy team that Chambers USA describes as “[o]ne of the go-tos for any bankruptcy." With more than 30 years of experience as a bankruptcy attorney, he has been involved in hundreds of bankruptcy cases, representing virtually


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Much of the information related to your expenses is based on national, Illinois, and local in an 'expense' blank, skip it. A do-it-yourself bankruptcy book for people for an extended period at no cost; is and has been living in military or other employer-paid housing. After this calculation of your projected disposable income, if you have excess income on a monthly basis, then the Means determine the amount of income under the bankruptcy law that you have available to pay your unsecured creditors in a Chapter 13 plan. Find out: the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy whether