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"Their actions are beyond what is normal in the course of defending a criminal defendant." Greitens, a Republican who turned 44 Tuesday, is charged with felony invasion of privacy for taking the photo, which the woman says Greitens threatened to make public if she ever revealed the affair that happened in 2015, before Greitens was elected. Until this week, Simpson and the woman had declined to talk publicly about the substance of the case, saying the woman wanted privacy. Simpson's response followed the court filing by Greitens' attorneys that said the woman participated in a lengthy deposition Friday, during which she was asked if she saw what she believed to be a phone. The court filing quoted her as saying, "I haven't talked about it because I don't know if it's because I'm remembering it through a dream or I — I'm not sure, but yes, I feel like I saw it after that happened." Simpson said the "dream" comment came at the end of a nine-hour deposition and referred to one particular instance concerning the photo. He said Greitens told the woman several times that he had a photo, and he threatened to use it if she spoke of the affair. "His statement to her was that if she ever mentioned his name or told anybody about this relationship, he would distribute the picture everywhere he could and it would be all over the place, the internet and otherwise," Simpson said. The surge of publicity that followed the defense filing prompted Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner to ask Judge Rex Burlison for a gag order, accusing Greitens' attorneys of trying the case through the media. Burlison's order does not stop attorneys from speaking about public information in the case, but prohibits comments related to deposition material, opinions about what witnesses might testify to and other speculative issues. The ruling also will require the judge to sign off on certain court filings before they're made public. The criminal case isn't the sum of Greitens' worries. A special legislative committee investigating the governor will release its report Wednesday, according to a news release from the Missouri House. The investigation is a potential precursor to impeachment proceedings.

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